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Chinese hospital ship “Peace Ark” visit
2022-09-01 18:06

On June 29, 2013, The "Peace Ark" hospital ship of the Navy of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLAN) arrived at Male and started its six-day goodwill visit and humanitarian medical service to local people.

This is the first time for a Chinese naval ship to visit Maldives and the first time for the Chinese medical team to offer humanitarian medical service to Maldivians.



The "Peace Ark" mainly carried out disease diagnosis, treatment and professional training. During the stay, it treated 2,950 people, including 1,344 outpatient, 92 examinations, 9 surgeries, 70 CT examinations, 161 ECG examinations, 368 DR examinations, etc.

According to the geographic features of Maldives, namely, numerous islands, the "Peace Ark" dispatched ten mobile medical sub-teams to make medical tours to eight islands by ship-borne helicopter, local inland aircraft and speedboats while offering extensive medical service on the main platform of the hospital ship.

During the visit, the Delegation of the ship also called upon President Dr. Waheed, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Health, MNDF, Coast Guards and etc. At the deck reception, President Waheed described the ship as the biggest surprise to Maldivians that spread love and peace and promoted Maldives-China friendship.

The “Peace Ark” hospital ship successfully completed its mission and left Maldives on July 5. Upholding international humanitarian spirit, this visit helped Maldivian people earn better health, strengthened friendship between China & Maldives as a boat of life, love and peace.

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